EvolveBPM: 10X Jump in Email Engagements Using SalesIntel

The Client

Boasting a global footprint, EvolveBPM is a revenue growth accelerator that helps businesses strategize, execute and excel in their demand generation efforts. Offering a full suite of services ranging from business intelligence to running campaigns and everything in between, EvolveBPM helps businesses scale rapidly by delivering high-quality leads and brand visibility.

We had a chat with Satish Sadasivan, Chief Mentor & Advisor at EvolveBPM, LLC to learn about his experience using SalesIntel and the impact it had on his operations.

The Challenge

Being a veteran sales leader, Sadasivan has traditionally relied on personal networks to acquire new clients and extend his reach. However, the needs of their clients require EvolveBPM to operate at a massive scale with numerous campaigns running simultaneously.

Also, as the pandemic struck, their internal database became less and less effective as they didn’t have good phone number coverage.

“It was getting increasingly very difficult to reach out to customers because we did not have direct dials. We did not have mobile numbers. We just had emails,” Sadasivan said.

This meant they needed a data source that they could tap into on behalf of their clients for demand generation and so went out looking for a suitable option.

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Signing up for SalesIntel

Having worked in the sales industry for 25+ years, Sadasivan has experience using almost every B2B data platform in the market including DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo, and others. So when it came to licensing a data vendor, he knew exactly what they needed.

“What I was looking for personally is one platform that is going to provide me with firmographics, technographics, intent, and a high percentage of mobile numbers,” Sadasivan said.

As SalesIntel ticked all those boxes, he decided to take a free trial and found it the perfect solution for the challenges they were facing and soon decided to make the investment.

After the papers were signed, their team was provided with quick onboarding and other resources to help them hit the ground running.

“We were working with SalesIntel within a couple of hours of signing up.”

Leveraging the Power of Intent

As they started using SalesIntel, they instantly realized the value of additional datasets like intent and technographic during prospecting. It allowed them to build more targeted lists and be more surgical in their outreach.

“Instead of going after 1000 companies. Now, I have a very narrow list of 150 companies that are actually searching on the internet, and then I actually go after those so that I can show better conversions for my clients,” he explained.

This approach not only helped their sales team be more productive and efficient but also delivered better results.

“When we started using the intent data, and then started doing, or running campaigns on top of that. The results that we got and the ROI that my customers got out of that was significantly, much, much higher than just a generic email campaign will bring to the table.”

For example, the average click rate for their campaigns used to be around 2-3%, but since they started intent data, they saw a 5-fold jump and now have average click rates around 12-15%.

The average downloads saw an even higher improvement. 6-8% of their recipients now download assets compared to 0.6-0.8% before – a 10X jump.

Apart from delivering great results to their clients, EvolveBPM has also found SalesIntel useful for their own outreach to prospective clients. While they don’t actively use it to generate leads, using our data coverage helps them be more precise and build convincing proposals.

“I can pretty much respond to an RFP in the first five to six minutes of receiving an RFP. It’s that quick for me. Because once I get the universe count from SalesIntel then I have an Excel sheet, which pretty much calculates all the remaining things on how many leads you can get, what will be the velocity of the leads, and what would be the cost per lead. It’s all automated on my part. The only input I need is from SalesIntel and that’s pretty easy to use.”

And it works. With all the data on their fingertips, it makes it much easier to demonstrate their capabilities and chart out a clear demand gen plan that their clients love.

“For me, the demo of SalesIntel as an integral part of my demand and solutions makes my pitch 5X stronger because it’s a solid platform. They see the process, they see the technology and they see the framework that is there. Then they’re able to link the story around the database because my business is all about data. My leads are as good as my data. It’s really a powerful tool for us.”

Overall, Sadasivan is pleased with his investment in SalesIntel and credits it for the significant growth he has achieved. He is excited to further expand our partnership as we bring more data and features to serve his international footprint.

“We owe our growth to SalesIntel.”