e-Builder: Building a Sales & Marketing Engine from Scratch

Introducing e-Builder

e-Builder is a project management platform for the construction industry. Historically e-Builder has focused on capital owner markets that undertake large construction projects like hospitals, universities, bridges, etc. Recently, through an acquisition, e-Builder has extended their focus to include targeting general contractors as well.

Being a niche B2B player with higher ticket, low-volume deals requiring a longer sales cycle, the company is methodical in its marketing strategies and attaches significant value to each of their accounts. 

SalesIntel had a nice long chat with Laura Bailey, Marketing Data Analyst at e-Builder to learn about their experiences using SalesIntel and the impact it had on their sales and marketing efforts. 

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Facing a New Challenge

e-Builder has traditionally recognized the value of having access to reliable B2B data and as a result, has made significant investments in their database which they recognize as one of the key drivers of their success.

Using a mix of inbound and outbound marketing strategies, the company actively engages in a variety of multichannel marketing campaigns including email marketing, social media, content marketing, trade shows, outbound calling, and more. The data for this was mostly sourced through wholesale B2B data providers that came with serious quality issues. 

“We take our marketing engine very seriously and make sure it has enough names in there.” 

After its acquisition by Trimble last year, the company was tasked with promoting a larger portfolio including venturing into the General Contracting segment. This required an uphill task of creating a new database from scratch.  

“When we took over, they had probably a few hundred to low-thousand database size.”, said Bailey.  With their old data partner they were seeing upwards of 25% of the data being inaccurate. Fortunately, they were able to use Marketo to weed out bad email addresses but that did nothing to help with wrong titles, phone numbers, etc. Even worse, the bad data had become an excuse for underperformance by the lead gen and sales teams. Recognizing these issues stemming from unreliable data eBuilder went looking for a better solution. 

Evaluating SalesIntel 

During the time Bailey was working on the plan to create a new database, she was prospected by SalesIntel’s team. After an initial call and reviewing other available vendors, they shortlisted SalesIntel. Bailey was tasked with striking a balance between quality and cost in order to maximize their ROI.

“I have noticed the cost of data has gone up quite a bit in the last 12 to 18 months but you guys definitely came at a reasonable price.”

Then there was also the quality considerations. Dealing with over 25% of their records being inaccurate had created a significant drag on their sales and marketing campaigns. When e-Builder tested SalesIntel’s data they were impressed.

“About 25% of the emails we put in [from other sources] would bounce. From SalesIntel, so far, it’s been 97% delivery success rate.”

Easing Pain Points 

Owing to poor data quality, particularly the incorrect/missing direct dials, there were significant bottlenecks in the sales funnel. Reps had to independently verify the data before it could be used for prospecting, thus drastically slowing the entire process.  

“The sales folk would complain. Hey! Our data isn’t reliable, it’s taking me forever to clean it up!”

Now with more direct dials and higher accuracy, much of those inefficiencies have been eliminated, leaving SDRs with more time to prospect.  “We knew we had to go in a different direction. It’s just too much of a headache cleaning the data,” said Bailey. 

On the demand gen side, poor data quality acted as a barrier to accurately assessing the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. After all, if a campaign didn’t work, the entire blame was put squarely on bad data. Now that they have better quality, they can more precisely assess each element of their marketing efforts to determine what’s working and what’s not. 

Filling the Data Gaps 

“We are in a very niche market, both in terms of vertical and size. We are not marketing to the whole world. We know who we want to target specifically.”, Bailey continued. 

“We know there are only about 7K to 7.5K capital owners in the US that we think can buy eBuilder and the target market for general contractors is about 300-350. That is why they believe SalesIntel’s Research-on-Demand service is going to be a great asset to us.” 

“I like the idea that we can go to a single account and say hey, can you find more about this account? is pretty appealing”.

Thanks to SalesIntel, e-Builder has quickly built the database they needed and also eliminated the existing bottlenecks in the process.

Currently in the midst of their year-long sales cycle, e-Builder is optimistic about the ROI benefits they will see with their newly optimized marketing and sales process using SalesIntel’s data.

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