Cumulus Networks: From Stalled Growth to New Opportunities

Introducing Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks is leading the transition of the data center market from a closed and proprietary environment to one that embraces open, standards-based systems. The company focuses on building networking solutions built on Linux protocols, bringing its standard interfaces and rich ecosystem to their customers so that they can achieve a new level of control with their own uniquely customized and cost-effective network.

We sat down to talk with Rebecca Mendenhall, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Cumulus Networks.

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Growth Stalling with Organic & Competitor Leads

Cumulus Networks has traditionally focused on building their lists organically with marketing content and strong SEO. Their marketing uses a combination of content, trade shows, webinars, and paid media to identify and engage new prospects. Meanwhile, sales would occasionally use SalesIntel competitors and trade show lists but were unhappy with the quality of the leads and the ROI.

At the same time, Mendenhall and the demand generation team were faced with high lead generation goals and struggling to meet them through the current mix of programs and organic. They also had a set of target accounts that they were focusing on in their ABM efforts, and getting the right names at those accounts was a priority for Mendenhall.

“We had worked with sales to identify a list of target accounts, but across the board we were lacking the database of names and contact info for the folks with the necessary job titles,” Mendenhall said. “Our ABM strategy was taking a while to get up and running. Meanwhile, sales wanted more volume, but ABM requires a longer amount of prospecting time and education.”

ABM had the benefit of finding exact targets instead of grabbing as many leads as possible — like the difference between using the right bait with a fishing pole versus simply trawling with a giant net. But, the delay in finding quality prospects for sales was slowing down progress and losing faith with sales. The team needed a better way to start their targeted sales conversations.

Why Cumulus Networks Tried SalesIntel

Mendenhall discovered SalesIntel through SalesIntel’s email outreach. After a conversation with a member of the sales team, Mendenhall decided to take SalesIntel up on 10 free contacts and trial the platform.

“For the past two and a half years, we haven’t really used purchased contacts,” Mendenhall said. “I hadn’t believed in them [purchased contacts] because in the past I’d been burned with poor data quality and low response rates from purchased data.

“But our lead goals were 2x what they had been the past two years, and with our current team size and budget, we were struggling to hit goals with the current mix of programs and organic methods.”

After testing the data quality with her 10 free contacts, Mendenhall decided to move forward with SalesIntel for two major reasons:

  1. All contacts were human-verified. Data quality had been a major issue when purchasing contacts in the past from competitors and the human element and 90-day re-verification meant a higher level of accuracy would be maintained.
  2. The price point was simple, reasonable and easy to see an ROI on. Competing data providers frequently charge per lead or have fluctuating price points.

“If we got 2 accounts thanks to SalesIntel, we would see a positive ROI.”

ROI Value of Quality Contact Data

So, what results did Mendenhall and her team see with SalesIntel? “We’re super happy with how it has panned out,” Mendenhall said. “We’ve seen an increase in our booked meetings because of SalesIntel.”

The initial set-up process was “super easy.” The team found SalesIntel a great SaaS product with a simple interface and process for exporting leads. The conversion rate from SalesIntel contacts was higher than past list purchases and database vendors.

“SalesIntel changed the perception among our team that purchased contacts couldn’t be seen as leads because of their low quality. We can immediately begin thoughtful nurturing and targeted campaigns with the contacts.”

Instead of feeling like filler contacts for the sales team, SalesIntel contributes to
revenue growth.

Mendenhall and her team were also surprised to find that SalesIntel’s technographic data was a major help for targeting their outreach.

“We ran a solution focused campaign, targeting accounts that were using a partner solution. We identified the accounts through SalesIntel, found the relevant titles, and sent them nurtures and display advertisements about our joint solution. The result so far has been very positive.”

Thanks to SalesIntel, Cumulus Network has opened over $50K in new opportunities that can be directly connected to their initial 3,600 SalesIntel contacts. In the future, they plan to roll the platform out to inside sales to give direct access to leads for their prospecting activities.