Aspirant: Generating Better Pipeline With SalesIntel

The Client

Aspirant is a global management and technology consulting firm that uses an innovative model based on integrated expertise and lean delivery teams to generate sustainable results for clients.

We interviewed Andrew Rupert, Director of Digital Marketing & Communications, at Aspirant to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and the impact it had on their sales and marketing efforts.

The Challenge

Aspirant is currently in a hyper-growth phase, rapidly expanding across the board with particular emphasis on new markets. They wanted to scale up their marketing campaigns to increase reach and engagement as part of bringing in net-new accounts. Mr. Rupert needed a method for systematically identifying their ideal customers, which required the adoption of a reliable intelligence platform.


Signing up for SalesIntel

In seeking the best data solution for their needs, they discovered SalesIntel. They were impressed by the quality of the human-verified data and the ability to request research on a specific organization. The prevalence of direct dials and mobile numbers was an especially big plus.

“Being able to reach someone directly by phone without having to go through a switchboard or any gatekeepers in the phone tree, that was an important element for us,” Mr. Rupert mentioned.

“I compared probably a dozen different platforms, as well as potential combinations between them. This one [SalesIntel] was really the one that jumped out at me.”

The differentiating factor for them was the robust filtering capability across criteria such as technographics and intent, all integrated into a single platform. Mr. Rupert noted that the data sets were a “clear winner” compared to other solutions.

Better Pipeline, More Efficiency

Aspirant’s relatively small marketing / business development team forces them to focus on efficient, effective outreach methods. Their primary objective remains to generate high-quality leads rather than simply increasing the number of leads they pursue. Their firm offers a wide array of management and technology consulting services, categorized into 9 practices. Those service areas cater to different market segments, requiring micro-campaigns to be built for each.

This is where SalesIntel has been helpful. The detailed filtering criteria enables Aspirant to precisely reach the right audience with the right message at the right time, exponentially increasing the impact of the available resources.

One of the key highlights of Mr. Rupert’s experience with SalesIntel has been the visitor identification feature, VisitorIntel. His team has been using it extensively to inform retargeting campaigns with exceptionally strong results.

“The VisitorIntel piece can help inform above and beyond the filtering criteria, where you could say, ‘Wow, Company XYZ has been to our website five times in the last week. We should probably reach out to them.’ That actually can fast-track the conversion of prospects through our sales funnel,” he explained.

Aspirant is encouraged by early returns as they continue to scale and refine their outreach. All measures (brand awareness, website traffic, quality of leads, scheduled calls), indicate the value SalesIntel has brought to their efforts and their team is excited about the potential for closer partnership in the future.

“I think there are a lot of opportunities for our organizations to work together, and in general, for other companies realizing the value that a solution like SalesIntel can bring.”