Ready Education: 47% Jump in Response Rates and Exceedingly More Opportunities

“SalesIntel has been a great partner in our sales efforts. More than just providing data they have, we work closely to find the right contacts in accounts we pursue leading to better-qualified leads.”

– Stephan Meyer, Senior VP of Sales, Ready Education

Introducing Ready Education

Based out of Canada, Ready Education is a leading EdTech enterprise of its domain that facilitates student engagement on campuses. Catering to over 350 universities and used by over 2 million students, the platform offers a mix of communication, integration, and engagement solutions to help universities strengthen and streamline their outreach efforts and by extension, offer students a more personalized and seamless campus environment. 

We talked with Stephan Meyer, Senior VP of Sales, at Ready Education about their experience using SalesIntel and the role it plays in their growth strategy.

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Unorganized and Flailing for Data

While Ready Education helped universities build a coherent system for more effective engagement with their students, their own sales team was quite disorganized when it came to discovering and prospecting new opportunities. They traditionally hadn’t used any dedicated data provider and most of the requisite information came through manually researching contacts on LinkedIn and web.  

This, of course, was inefficient and consumed a good portion of SDR’s time. The sales cycle ran longer and things moved slower than they would like it to be. 

“Marketing to everyone under the sun doesn’t quite do well in terms of conversion,” explained Stephan referring to their earlier marketing approach where they received poor quality leads and lower conversions owing to incoherent strategy and absence of large-scale quality data source. 

Signing up for SalesIntel 

Given the inefficiencies in their sales pipeline, Ready Education was looking for a solution that could ease the pain points by offering quality data and insights without being a drag on the ROI.

That is when they found SalesIntel. After some initial engagement and trials, they went for the full license. As Stephan put it, “besides having good recommendations, there were two reasons for me to opt for SalesIntel: 

  1. You guys had a large higher education dataset that was human-verified, so accuracy wasn’t a concern. 
  2. Even the data you didn’t have, I was pretty sure you could get it for me via Research-on-Demand.” 

Once they signed up, the onboarding was quite simple and seamless. There was a kickoff call where they went through a complete demonstration of the SalesIntel platform and there haven’t been any major concerns ever since. 

“One of the best things about working with SalesIntel is their data quality supplemented by exceedingly good customer service.”, said, Stephan. 

A Virtuous Cycle 

Once SalesIntel became a part of their sales and marketing engine, the results were immediate. For starters, the response rate jumped by 47% that clearly meant they were hitting the right nerve and it wasn’t long before its effects started trickling down the sales funnel.  

The leads they received were better qualified that in turn, took less time and effort to convert into opportunities. Also, the broader data coverage ensured they were reaching to people they wouldn’t have reached otherwise, further strengthening their sales funnel. 

Another major benefit of our data in their marketing engine was the significant reduction in research time that gave the sales team more space to prospect and engage with clients. 

It, therefore, suffices to say that using SalesIntel has kickstarted the virtuous cycle of better response rates delivering more qualified leads that ultimately result in higher closure rates; all accomplished by their sales team who has more time for outreach and prospecting. 

Stephan closed the meeting by adding, “SalesIntel has been a very useful and promising tool for our sales and marketing efforts that I am confident will significantly contribute to our ROI in the coming quarters.” 

Thanks to SalesIntel, ReadyEducation is now rapidly expanding its scale, closing deals quickly, and is set on the path of accelerated growth with better and more responsive accounts in their funnel.

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