41 Orange Case Study: Immense Time Savings and High Quality Service

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Introducing 41 Orange

Currently ranked in the top 10 HubSpot Partner Agencies in all of North America, 41 Orange specializes in B2B demand generation, marketing automation, content marketing, and sales enablement services. They create campaigns focused on delivering qualified audience opportunities for sales teams. 

41 Orange helps clients build their entire marketing funnel from selecting marketing technologies, providing a content strategy, to making sure the client’s prospects are successfully moving from the very first touch to an inked deal.

We spoke with 41 Orange’s CEO, Gregg Anderson, to learn about his team’s experience using SalesIntel.

Struggling to Find Good Data from Linkedin

Hyper-focused campaigns need a lot of time to segment and verify and that decides the success of campaigns.

41 Orange’s marketing efforts are centered on hyper-focused campaigns that need to be highly segmented using verified data. The success of their campaigns depends on the message being able to specifically resonate with the prospect. If the marketing outreach is too general, the messaging is ignored and no opportunities are generated.

Previous to using SalesIntel, 41 Orange used a tool that allowed them to utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists, pulling down data from LinkedIn.

“The challenge was pulling accurate data from LinkedIn,” Anderson said. “Let’s say you’re searching on LinkedIn for CEO’s with 50+ employees—LinkedIn can’t tell the different between the actual CEO of a company with 50 or more employees, or a Marketing Director who happens to work at a company with 50 or more employees, yet has a side hustle as a startup CEO.” 

“The entire process of weeding out contacts that were not actually the CEO’s of companies with 50+ employees was time-consuming and frustrating.”

Because of the accuracy issues, after pulling a list his team would have to double-check each contact for accuracy, spending around 8+ hours scrubbing the data set for each campaign. 

When Anderson received a voicemail from SalesIntel about how 41 Orange could immediately access the targeted, human-verified data they needed, he reached back out and started a trial.

Enrichment, Segmentation, and Service

What convinced Anderson to purchase SalesIntel was not only the accuracy of the data but also the enrichment credits that came with his purchase.

“You can make a purchase with any kind of data company or platform,” Anderson said. “But being able to have the data enriched and up to date is very important to us. We don’t have to double-check that the prospects are still employed at the respective company.”

41 Orange depends on hyper-focused lists, making the in-depth segmentation SalesIntel provides essential. The marketing team is now able to break down the industries into segments they weren’t able to access before working with SalesIntel.

After making an ideal list, Anderson’s team will save the search criteria and then have the ability to easily make a similar list. For example, they are quickly able to create the same criteria as a saved search, and then change the location to find new data for different verticals or geographies.

41 Orange is able to work with their account manager to learn how to use the platform or request lists directly. 

“SalesIntel’s account managers have been helpful to the team. Now we can just ask for a list of data and get it quickly.”

Reduced Bounce Rates and Time Saved

Instead of having to pull a list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and scrub it themselves, now 41 Orange can simply ask their account manager for the lists they need for their campaigns.

“Instead of waiting for a day or two for research and processing we can use SalesIntel to get campaigns launched,” Anderson said. “SalesIntel saves us 8 hours per campaign—the time adds up quickly across different campaigns to around 40-60 hours each month. It’s saving us the cost equivalent to a full-time employee.”

The human-verification of the data has improved the overall quality of the data 41 Orange is using. Anderson said that bounce rates have been lower for SalesIntel contacts than when pulling data from previous data sources.

But overall Anderson is more than satisfied with the service provided.

“It’s not just data. It’s data as a service (DaaS). That’s what other data companies are missing. Without help from the SalesIntel onboarding team, It’s like if HubSpot sold their marketing professional software and didn’t help you set it up and told you just to figure it out.”

“As a demand generation company, it’s important that we were able to get the most of this tool. When you have a customer service manager like what SalesIntel has provided, getting on board and seeing the value their platform delivers has been a cakewalk.”