Were Your Events Cancelled? Get 1,000 Such Leads For Free

 Get 1,000 Free Contacts

Events are a major component of the lead gen strategy for any B2B business. But since all events are cancelled and in-person meetings have virtually stopped owing to the health crisis and social distancing measures, businesses are struggling to keep their demand gen alive and compensate for the lost leads.

That said, here’s the interesting part – event cancellations hasn’t just affected the business looking to sell but also clients looking to buy. They also need new effective solutions for their business. 

So if you can reach out to the same kind of prospects you would generally meet at events, the chances of converting those prospects would be much higher.

The process is pretty simple – look at the type of leads you have previously gotten from any particular event, types, scale, and number of businesses of attending an event, and then create a target list accordingly.  The challenge for most companies is that they don’t have the requisite tools to execute such a strategy. 

SalesIntel, for its part, is using its expertise to help companies get through this rough patch by providing leads for free.

All you need to do is schedule a call with one of our reps, tell them the events you were supposed to attend, and the type of leads you typically get. We’ll go do the research for you and provide you 1,000 leads based on your ICP absolutely free.