Upload a List to Find Company or Contact Information

Upload a List to Find Company or Contact Information

We’re excited to release the newest addition to the SalesIntel platform: Upload a List. This feature lets you upload your lists of contacts or companies and compare them with our 95% accurate human verified database.

Now, you can immediately see how much information we have for the contacts or companies that you’re targeting.

When you upload your list to search for contacts we’ll show you the total number of contacts matched, those yet to be verified and how many fields we were able to append to your data. We’ll then give you the option to request verification and download your now human verified contact list with the appended fields.

Our company search is ideal for account-based marketing. We’ll show you how your company list compares with our data under ‘Domain Matched’ and how your list is distributed across levels and departments in the “Contact Info Grid.” Click through to the list of contacts from here to find results. And, you can even run custom searches on an existing list in the side panel.

Start matching your target contacts and companies today with the best B2B Data Available at SalesIntel.

Learn how to upload a contact list here.