Search & Prioritize SalesIntel Data for Human Verification

SalesIntel is proud to always offer you the best, human verified contact data. However, we have a massive database of machine processed contacts that we’re working through with our research on demand service.

You can now search our machine processed contacts and select contacts for research prioritization.

When looking at or searching for contacts, you will have the option of only viewing human verified or contacts that are still pending human verification. Pending contacts have all been reviewed by our intelligent, machine processing.

When using the SalesIntel web portal, you can see the names of contacts pending verification and request to prioritize your preferred contacts. If you are using our Research on Demand service, you can also select from our machine processed data for our team to verify for you.

If you are using the Chrome extension, you can switch to viewing pending verification contacts to choose contacts to request verification or reveal.

Here you are only viewing human verified contacts:

If you click the button next to Pending Verification, you’ll switch to contacts that have only been machine processed:

You can install our free Chrome extension from the Chrome store.