New Release: Integrate SalesIntel with SalesLoft

With the SalesIntel SalesLoft integration, there’s no more need for manual imports and exports. Now you can export our human verified contacts directly to SalesLoft from inside SalesIntel. You can select cadences, set record tags, and SalesIntel will even check for duplicate records!  

Here’s how it works!

Just log into your SalesLoft account and you’re good to go. Simply select the contacts you want, go to Bulk Actions, and then select export to SalesLoft. You’re automatically given a prompt to select a cadence for the contacts you’re exporting.



SalesIntel will also give you the opportunity to add record tags before exporting. Select existing tags in the drop down menu or create new ones by typing in the tag name. Also, SalesIntel will check to see if you’ve selected contacts that already exist in SalesLoft and will de-dupe any duplicate contacts for you. It’s that easy!


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