New Release: Integrate SalesIntel with Salesforce

We’re excited to release our new Salesforce integration! Now, you can search the SalesIntel database right in your Salesforce org, export contact information as lead records, and update incorrect or missing information from pre-existing Salesforce records.

Find the exact data you need to start the conversation with prospects and close deals all from within Salesforce.  

Install Now from the AppExchange

Once you install the app, on the left-hand side, you’ll see various filters you can use to direct your search. Filters such as job level, job department, job title, company, industry, employee size and even by a contact’s name.

You’ll also have the ability to search for companies and contacts by technographic data on the company tab. We’ve partnered with HG Data to bring you the best technographic data possible. We currently have a total of 7.1 million technographic data points for over 75,000 companies.

Install Now from the AppExchange