How to Use SalesIntel’s Intent Data Integration, Powered by Bombora

How to Use SalesIntel's Intent Data Integration, Powered by Bombora


SalesIntel is taking things to the next level in the B2B data industry. With a constant effort to offer the best B2B data solution to our customers, SalesIntel has joined forces with Bombora, the leader in B2B intent data. Now users can view and filter intent data points to not only find their ideal prospects, but know when it’s the right time to reach them.

How to Set Intent Data Topics:

If you have access to the Bombora integration, you’ll be able to see the Intent category filters under the “Companies” tab. If you don’t see these options and would like to, then reach out to us on our support channel.

Before you start searching you’ll need your SalesIntel admin to configure your intent topics. Admins can do this by going to their account settings and selecting ‘Intent’. Once you’re here, you’ll see the max number of topics you can search at any given time, the max number of results SalesIntel will show you and the number of topics currently available.

Search through the topics and select the ones you are needing. Note that you can have up to 25 topics at once and can switch topics out as needed. Simply come back to this window, make your changes and save when done.

Now that your topics are configured, let’s run a search.

Searching with Intent Data

When you go to the “Companies” tab, you’ll see the filter options for Intent Data here. If you click on ‘Topics’ you’ll see all topics that you currently have activated.

Under ‘Score Threshold’ you’ll be able to set the score number you’d like to appear in the results. Remember, a higher number is always more reliable.

Under ‘Topic Threshold’ you’re able to set the minimum number of topics that domains are surging on.

Simply enter all your criteria and hit search! Then SalesIntel will pull all the information we and Bombora have available for you. Remember that you can use any number of filters to narrow your search to your most ideal prospect.

Once the results are loaded you’ll see the Topic and Score information here. Simply click the record to reveal all the information.

We highly recommend Saving Your Search when you’ve set your parameters so you can easily access this information again without re-entering criteria.

Start identifying priority leads and shorten your sales cycle with Bombora and SalesIntel.