How to Upload a Company List to SalesIntel

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How it Works

We’re excited to release the newest addition to the SalesIntel platform, Upload a List. This feature lets you upload your lists of contacts or companies and compare them with our 95% accurate human verified data and our data pending verification. So now, you can see how much information we have for the contacts or companies that you’re targeting.

Uploading a Company List

Once you’ve logged into SalesIntel, go to the Lists tab and select ‘create a list’. You’re then given the option to select contact or company list. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to navigate the company lists (clicks button).

First you’ll be brought to this window where you can name the list, download our template for easy upload or simply upload your own CSV document with the domain. then simply run your search.

On the results page, we’ll show you the total number of companies or domains you uploaded, the number of human verified companies we have from your list under ‘Domain Matched’, the number of companies we have pending verification and the total number of human verified contacts found. If you click the blue companies button you can further refine your uploaded list by adding additional filters such as technographic data.

When you scroll down you’ll see the Contact Info Grid. This chart shows you how the total number of human verified contacts found in your list are distributed by level and department and the total number of contacts pending verification. If you click on one of the blue numbers you’ll be brought to that specific list of contacts.

We’ve added a section in the side panel for company lists. Simply select a list you’ve previously uploaded and you can run a new search using additional filters here.

Remember, we re-verify all of our contact information every 90 days. So make sure that you check back on lists you’ve previously uploaded and re-run the search by clicking its name to see if we’ve add more human verified contacts.

Start matching your target contacts and companies today with the best B2B Data Available at SalesIntel.