How to Set Up and Use Our SalesLoft Integration

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With SalesIntel’s SalesLoft integration you can export contacts directly to Salesloft, assign contacts to specific cadences, set record tags, and more all from the SalesIntel Database.

Here’s how it works! First, you’ll want to log into your SalesLoft through SalesIntel. Simply click your name in the top right corner, select “SalesLoft Settings”, and then enter your SalesLoft credentials. 

Once you’ve successfully logged in you’ll see this screen and will be ready to start exporting contacts.

Export Contacts Directly to SalesLoft

After you’ve logged in, you can use any and all of the SalesIntel search parameters such as technographics, firmographics, intent data, job level, department, and more to find ideal fit contacts for your target accounts. Once you’ve entered all your criteria select which contacts you want to export. 

You can do this individually or choose “select all” to select all of the contacts on this page. Then, go to Bulk Actions and select “export to SalesLoft.”

Assigning Contacts to SalesLoft Cadences

Next, you’ll be prompted to add these contacts into a SalesLoft cadence. You can send all of these contacts to the same cadence by selecting the sequence name here. Or, you can go to “Advanced Assignment” to enroll different contacts to different cadences based on your best sales practices.

  • You can assign contacts to cadences individually by selecting an option from the drop-down menu next to the contact’s name. 
  • You can assign multiple contacts to the same cadence by clicking the checkbox next to their name, opening ‘Link Cadence’, and making your selection. 
  • Or if you don’t want someone to be enrolled in any cadence just leave their field blank to skip this step. 

Once you’ve selected the cadence, you’ll be given the opportunity to add tags to these contacts as well. Simply type in the tag’s name, and the options will appear here. Just select the tag or tags you want and click ‘next’. 

Checking for Duplicates

SalesIntel will then check to see if you’ve selected contacts that already exist in SalesLoft and provide you with options. You can either:

  • Update all fields of the existing contact record with SalesIntel data
  • Update only the empty fields with SalesIntel Data
  • Or skip exporting the duplicates records entirely

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to update these records click ‘next’ and you’ll see that those contacts have successfully exported to SalesLoft.

If you have any questions about our SalesLoft integration, contacts us at