SalesIntel’s Salesforce Integration

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We’re excited to release our new Salesforce integration! Now you can search for human verified companies and contacts from the SalesIntel database right in your Salesforce org, configure lead, contact and account mapping prior to exporting, export contact information as lead records, and update incorrect or missing information from pre-existing Salesforce records. Here’s how it works.

Configuring your Export Settings

The first thing you’ll want to do is configure your Salesforce export settings by going to ‘Welcome [User Name]’ and click ‘settings’. As the admin, you’ll be able to set prompts for your users to ensure all new leads and contacts go to the correct location.

Under General Settings you can set a default response for “Export Type” and “Duplicate Resolution” to either lead, contact or prompt the user to choose. You’re also given the option to prompt your users to select the lead/contact owners or set lead/contact owner to the current user by toggling these options on and off. You can also prompt the user to add the lead or contact to a campaign by toggling the button on and off. 

Under Lead, Contact and Account Mapping Settings is where you’ll configure your exported fields. We support custom fields and have added a few from SalesIntel such as Industry, Naics and Source. This is also where you can choose which fields users are permitted to override by selecting them here. 

If you don’t see the options you’re looking for when exporting, then ask your Salesforce admin for help. Once you have your settings configured you can easily search for new leads and contacts from within your Salesforce Org.

Search SalesIntel Data Directly in Salesforce

Now like in our web portal you can search for specific contacts or for companies by using these tabs. In the contacts tab, you’ll see various filters you can use to direct your search. Filters such as job level, job department, job title, company, industry, employee size and even by a contact’s name.

In the company search tab you can filter your query by name, location, firmographics and technographics. Once you’ve selected the filters you’d like to run — click “search” and we’ll show you everything we have within those parameters. For this example, I’m going to search for contacts at Microsoft by going to the company filter and searching for Microsoft Corp. Then SalesIntel shows us they have 9,364 contacts for Microsoft.

Configuring your Export Settings

You can reorient the search based on name, job title, level department, and company name. Then, by clicking on the contact name, you can see more details about this contact and are given the option to reveal the contact details here.

Once you find the contacts you’re looking for you can export them directly to your Salesforce org. Simply select the contacts you want, go to “Bulk Actions,” and click “Export to Salesforce.”

Another key feature of this integration is SalesIntel automatically checks for an existing lead record so you don’t create duplicates. If you’ve selected contacts that already exist in your Salesforce org SalesIntel will show you this screen and give you options to resolve the duplicates. Either update all fields, update empty field only, or skipping the duplicate contacts altogether.

Once you’ve selected an option you’ll see those contacts have been exported as lead records to your Salesforce org.

But you don’t have to go actively searching to find lead information. With the Salesforce SalesIntel integration, you’ll also be able to see SalesIntel data in the lead record. Let me show you how it works.

Clean and Update Your Existing Salesforce Records

Go back to the home tab and when you open a lead record you’ll see the person’s information that you or someone else from your organization uploaded into your Salesforce org. However the data got into your system, SalesIntel is there to make sure what you have is accurate and fill in any missing data pieces for you.

For example, you have Stacey Peterson’s name, title, and company name, but you’re missing a phone number. If you go to the SalesIntel tab we’ll show you that person’s information and highlight differences between SalesIntel’s data and your Salesforce data.

All incorrect data in your current lead record is highlighted in red and any missing information is highlighted in green.

So now you know the title currently in the Salesforce record is wrong and that SalesIntel has the direct dial number for Stacey Peterson as well. All you have to do to update the record is click Update, New and then “update selected fields.” Then, you’ve successfully updated your lead record with accurate human verified information from SalesIntel.

Once you’ve done that you’ll see the SalesIntel Enriched box has been checked in the record. This field will also be checked if you exported the lead information directly from the SalesIntel database.

That covers everything you need to know about the SalesIntel integration.

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