How to Set Up and Use Our Outreach Extension

Outreach - Small

With SalesIntel’s native Outreach integration, you can now export contacts directly to Outreach, set tags, choose sequences, set sequence owners, and SalesIntel will even check for duplicate records! Here’s how it works!

The first thing you need to know is where to find your Outreach settings. After you log in to SalesIntel, go to your name in the top right corner and select “Outreach settings”. You’ll then be prompted to log into your Outreach account.

Once logged in, you’ll see we’ve automatically turned on two settings for you: prompt for sequences and prompt for tags. You’ll use these options when exporting contacts.

Export Contacts Directly to Outreach

Next, use any and all of the SalesIntel search filters to narrow your contact search for the best possible fit. Then, select the contacts you wish to export, go to Bulk Actions and select “export to Outreach.”

Here you’ll be given the option to enter tag names to be added to the contacts. Just type in the tag name and then hit “next”. Now you’re given the option to add these contacts into an existing sequence. Simply search for the sequence name here or select it from the menu below.

Click “next” again and then you’ll be able to determine what email the sequences are being sent from. Once you selected the contact owner click next and SalesIntel will then check to see if you’ve selected contacts that already exist in Outreach.

If you have selected contacts that are already in your org SalesIntel will de-dupe those records and give you options on how to proceed. Once you’ve selected an option click ‘next’ and you’ll see that those contacts have successfully exported to Outreach.

Then when you go into Outreach you’ll see all the information for Ted’s contact record has been successfully exported.