How to Set Up & Export to Zoho


With SalesIntel’s native integration, you can now export contacts directly to Zoho! Here’s how it works.

Connecting Zoho to SalesIntel

Please contact your success manager to activate your Zoho integration on your account or contact us at

The first thing you need to do is connect your Zoho instance to SalesIntel. To do this go to your name in the top right corner, select ‘Zoho settings’ and you’ll then be prompted to login to your instance using your Zoho credentials.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll then have the option to set parameters for your future exports. You have the ability to select the record default type, choose how you want to handle duplicate records, and turn prompts on or off by toggling these options. You’ll also be able to set your lead, contact, and account mapping fields in this window.

Be sure to click save to ensure any changes you’ve made are kept. You’ve completed your setup and are ready to start exporting to Zoho!

Exporting Contacts to Zoho:

To export contacts to Zoho, simply select the contacts you want and go to Bulk Actions. Then select export to Zoho.

You’ll then be walked through the prompts you created in your settings to select a lead owner, select campaigns, and finally identify any duplicate records.

SalesIntel will always check to see if the selected contacts already exist in Zoho and will de-dupe any duplicate contacts. Once you’ve selected an option click ‘next’ and you’ll see that those contacts have successfully exported to Zoho.