How to Navigate VisitorIntel

Technographic, Metro Area

VisitorIntel is an analytics-driven feature that allows you to gain insight into which companies are visiting your website. Then, your sales and marketing teams can immediately identify and contact the decision makers and key influencers at those organizations. The goal being to increase your opportunity to connect with the buyer before they fully define their needs.

Here’s how VisitorIntel works:

You can find VisitorIntel under its own tab here.

If this is your first time using VisitorIntel, then you’ll see this message. The first thing you’ll need to do is contact your website manager to input this code webpages you wish to receive VisitorIntel on. This code allows us to track the visitors to your website and trangulate that data to associate the visitor with a corporate website. Once you’ve added it to your website, please allow 24 hours for results to populate in the portal.

If you already have the code included, then your VisitorIntel page will look something like this. The Intel is updated daily and you have a few options on how to view the data.

Here you can see the number of companies, users, sessions and views of your website within a given timeframe. You can adjust this timeframe by going to this drop down menu and selecting any of the below options.

You can also toggle “users”, “sessions” and “views” to see which company has the largest and lowest number in any category.

When you’ve identified an engaged company you can either click the company name here to view their full company profile; complete with technographics and firmographics. Or, you can click the numbers under “verified” or “machine” to be redirected to that direct list of contacts.

On the off chance you have a visitor that is not in our system, you can easily submit a Research on Demand request here.

That covers how to navigate VisitorIntel in the portal, but there are a number use cases to leverage the information for sales, marketing, operations and more.

Find out who’s visiting your website today with VisitorIntel.