How to Create and Edit Saved Searches

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How it Works

We’re excited to release our newest feature, Saved Searches. Not only are you accessing 4 million human verified contacts to find your best leads, now you can save and modify previous searches with ease. Here’s how it works.

Simply enter the search criteria you need–technographics, firmographics, location parameters, etc.–and when SalesIntel shows you the results click the blue “Save Search” button here. You’ll then be prompted to give your search a name. Once you’ve done that hit “save” and you’ve successfully created a Saved Search.

To access your queries, go to the Saved Searches tab and you’ll see them listed here. If you want to open or edit an existing search, click on its  name and you’ll be brought to the results page with all the criteria from the original search here.

You can update the search results by changing the filters in the side panel. So let’s say we want to expand the search to include companies in California, Nevada and Arizona. And, that you’ve decided to target companies with an annual revenue of 1 Million to 1 Billion. Hit search and your results will be updated.

To create a new or updated saved search with these parameters, click ‘save search’ and then select ‘create new’ to save a new search or ‘update’ to modify the original search. It’s that easy!

We’re also working on creating alerts for your saved searches in our product road map! So anytime a net new contact that fits your saved search criteria or any significant changes have been made to an existing contact in a saved search, we’ll send you a notification!