How to Configure SalesIntel’s Data Enrichment for Marketo


In addition to being able to export contacts directly to Marketo, our users now have the ability to run one-time enrichments or set up auto enrichment for leads and contacts with Data Enrichment for Marketo! 

This new functionality is completely customizable for any enrichment you’re needing and can be used in multiple ways, but first, you need to configure the SalesIntel Data Enrichment Webhook before you can start enriching your data. 

If you’re looking for how to best leverage and use Data Enrichment for Marketo then check out other video tutorials in the description. Also, make sure that your Marketo Instance has been connected to SalesIntel before attempting to run enrichment.

Setting Up Your Marketo Webhook for Enrichment

Now that Marketo and SalesIntel are connected, you’re almost ready to set up SalesIntel’s Lead Enrichment Webhook. Before you can do this you MUST have a SalesIntel API Key from your SalesIntel Success Contact. If you still need your API key, contact us at and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

If you already have your API key you’re ready to proceed. We also recommend having the Marketo Webhook Setup Guide with you to complete the following steps.

First go to Admin, find “Webhooks” under integrations, and then click “New Webhook”. Now you need to enter the values found in the Marketo Webhook Setup Guide.

Once you have all this information added, then click save! 

Next go to “Webhook Actions” and set the SalesIntel Data Enrichment Webhook as a Customer Header. Simply click the “Add Custom Header” button here and enter two values: the content-type and your SalesIntel API Key. 

Then click save to create the Custom Header. 

Configuring Field Mapping

Next you need to correctly configure your “Response Mappings” when data is pushed from SalesIntel into your Marketo org. First, click “Edit” to open up the Response Mappings. Then, enter in SalesIntel’s Response Attribute and map it to the corresponding Marketo Field.

You can enter them one at a time, or just copy and paste all of SalesIntel’s Response Attributes from the Marketo Webhook Setup Guide.

It’s important to note that our Response Attributes will always start with “result.” and then the name of the field. So if you’re having issues with mapping, first check to make sure all of Response Attributes have been set correctly.

How to Block Specific Fields from Updates

If there are fields that you do not want to include in enrichment jobs, then go to Admin, Field Management, then select the fields you want to keep from being updated on the right. Once you have all the fields you want to block from receiving updates, click Field Actions, Block Field Updates, then select “Webhook Update” and hit Apply.

Congratulations! Your SalesIntel Data Enrichment Webhook Configuration is now complete. You can now call this webhook in a trigger SmartCampaign to append data immediately or call it in batch on a schedule to update data on a regular basis.

To learn more about how to use this webhook to run enrichment jobs, click on the video link in the comments.