Find Contacts with Metro Area Search

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Find Contacts with Metro Area Search

The next time you host an event in a city or are planning a trip to visit prospects, try using SalesIntel’s location filters to build a targeted list. We currently have 1.2+ Million companies associated with 380 metro areas, so you can find the contacts that you need.

  • Easily enter multiple states to run a large search for companies…
  • Search by a specific zip code with radius…
  • Or, Use the metro search feature to define hyper-localized target areas

If you combine a location filter with others like industries, technographic data, revenue, employee count, or any combination you’ll find the exact leads you need to target.

For example, are you looking for tech companies in the Austin metro area using G Suite with over 1 million in annual revenue? Now, you can access all the contacts you need that match exactly your ideal criteria and export them directly to your CRM or email marketing platform.

SalesIntel’s metro areas are based on the US Census Bureau’s definition of metropolitan statistical areas (MSA). Every MSA as defined by the Census Bureau is represented in SalesIntel, with the search results based on the zip codes that correspond with each MSA.