We’re excited to announce that Owler and SalesIntel are working together to help enable your sales reps and master account-based marketing. With the combined power of both apps, you can go from no ABM strategy to getting your perfect prospect on the phone.

SalesIntel and Owler have partnered to bring SaleIntel users the best quality Buying Intel on the SalesIntel company pages.

Owler’s exclusive competitive intelligence on over 11 million companies is now accessible to every SalesIntel user. In addition, SalesIntel users can access real-time news alerts for their current prospects with Owler’s Instant Insights, including IPOs, Funding, and Acquisition news.

“We are excited to work with Owler to bring accurate and reliable Buying Intel to sales teams,” said Manoj Ramnani, CEO of SalesIntel. “We’re enabling sales teams to have the best prospect intelligence available to inform their outreach.”

“Owler helps sales teams work faster and smarter,” said Tim Harsch, CEO of Owler. “We provide accurate and up-to-date information about companies and their top competitors, as well as deliver real-time actionable insights about the companies that matter to your pipeline.”

For more details and questions about the partnership, send your inquiries to: press@owler.com

For more information on SalesIntel, go to: https://salesintel.io/

For more information on Owler, go to: https://www.owler.com/.

About Owler

Owler is a business information and insights platform that provides exclusive firmographic and competitive data on over 11 million companies, curated from our active community of 2.7+ million business professionals. Owler helps our users outsmart their competition with actionable insights and real-time alerts about the companies that matter to them.

About SalesIntel

SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. With over 2.5 Million contacts and 2.125 Million direct dial contacts, SalesIntel is your resource for contact data. SalesIntel’s new method is to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts.

Date: April 16th-18th

Location: Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago, IL

Booth: #39

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We’re excited to be a bronze sponsor this year at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit and would love for you to join us at the event.

As the world of sales advances, the skills of our leaders must follow suit. Data analysis, technology, sales skills, prospecting tools, personalization, artificial intelligence and (most importantly) leadership, are just a few of the activities and goals that leaders are focusing on each day.

Leadership Summit 2019 will help leaders prioritize their own mission for their team and organization while also focusing on personal leadership development.

The 2019 event will take place at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, convenient for those flying into the Chicago area and within walking distance to a variety of restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

Learn more about the event here and register today to save $500 with promo code: APRIL500

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SalesIntel’s VP of Growth, Jason Hubbard, and ExecVision’s CEO, Steve Richard, presented yesterday on how the proper step-by-step methodology for pre-call research can help you set up to 70% more appointments. It’s one of the key secrets to ExecVision’s success.

Below you can see the slide deck from the webinar and a recording.

We covered:

  • How prospecting is broken
  • The bad research habits sales reps have learned
  • Course correcting with the 3×3 PCR methodology
  • Step-by-step sales instructions for increasing appointments
  • Forging longterm success with PCR
  • Tech options to help your reps save time and book more appointment

About Steve Richard and ExecVision

Steve’s mission and life’s work is to help as many sales professionals as possible become wildly successful. He has been featured in numerous publications including The Harvard Business Review, The Washington Business Journal, and The Washington Post. Outside of work, Steve enjoys scuba diving, skiing, running, and watching lots of football. He lives in Arlington, VA with his wife Ellen and their four kids.

Designed by seasoned sales and customer success professionals, ExecVision is the only conversation intelligence software that was built to empower organizations to coach people efficiently at scale, improving performance and driving revenue.

ExecVision analyzes conversations, providing the ability to identify what was said, the context of what was said, positive or negative reaction, and the phase of the conversation where it occurred. ExecVision then interprets and compares outcomes, giving you insights into what is and isn’t working, differentiating top performers from everyone else.

About Jason Hubbard and SalesIntel

Jason has literally grown up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. He now serves as Chief Revenue Office for SalesIntel.io. SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data and helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. With over 2.5 Million contacts and 2.1 Million + direct dial contacts, SalesIntel is your resource for contact data. SalesIntel’s new method is to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts.

We’re thrilled to announce today that Company Buying Intel is coming to SalesIntel along with a host of other improvements.

New Feature: Company Buying Intel

We’ve partnered with Owler so you can see a company’s Buying Intel on the Company Page. This includes the most recent information about the company including News, Press, Funding, and Acquisition.

For example, you can see the news that a target company received Series A funding and now would be an ideal time to reach about their new initiatives and goals. Our Buying Intel can help you prioritize and personalize your outreach all while you’re gathering your contacts.

New Feature: Auto Reveal Enabled for Enterprise Customers

We’ve made using SalesIntel even easier. Enterprise users will no longer be required to select ‘Click to Reveal’ to view contact information in the portal. Instead, contacts will be automatically revealed. Note: Exported contacts will still be tracked.

Other Updates and Improvements

  • Internal users with access to all tiers can now export all tiers again
  • Ability to Export Country as Abbreviation in SalesForce
  • Added CSV settings which contain State Abbreviation, Employee Count, Revenue Count export options
  • Added Select All to Industry section
  • Added Contact Count to Contact Intel matrix in the Company page
  • Updated Firmographic section to from sliders to entry fields as seen below

SalesIntel.io and Metadata recently presented on the practical steps to execute a successful ABM pretargeting campaign.

Below you can view the webinar recording and slide deck used.

In this recap webinar, you will learn about:

  • Generating and prioritizing your target accounts
  • Identifying your buying committee and getting their PII (personal information)
  • Verifying your prospects and aligning with sales
  • Uploading precise audience targeting for advertising
  • Planning and executing account-based advertising campaigns
  • Setting up reporting in your CRM to measure and optimize your efforts

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We’re excited to announce that Metadata.io and SalesIntel are working together to help enable your sales reps and master account-based marketing. With the combined power of both apps, you can go from no ABM strategy to getting your perfect prospect on the phone.

Metadata.io analyzes your CRM data with their specialty algorithm to find your best customers, engaged prospects, and fast-moving deals. With all your data, Metadata.io creates your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and targets them with ads for you. Instead of having to try and figure out your ideal targets on your own and implement ads across multiple systems, Metadata.io will handle it all for you.

Once you begin seeing new leads come in from your ideal customers, SaleIntel can help you find contacts you need to start conversations with decision makers at each account. Before you even get them on the phone, they’ll already be familiar with your brand from the ads Metadata.io has shown them.

The partnership is a simple way to get the most from your ad spend. Your ads are shown to the best possible prospective clients and then you can use contact data from SalesIntel to help you close the deal once they engage.

We’re hosting a webinar this month to show you how the two work together as well as how you can begin pretargeting your accounts to supercharge your ABM strategy.

Download (PDF, 462KB)

Introducing X-Mode

X-Mode’s goal is to change the way the average consumer views big data by implementing some of the most transparent and user-centric collection methods in the space. X-Mode’s location data platform maps over 15% of the US population monthly by partnering with app publishers to provide monetization and growth solutions. They power attribution and customer segment based solutions for over 25+ companies in ad-tech, fin-tech, market research, and real estate.

We sat down to talk with their Director of Sales, TJ Wilson. Wilson is in charge of finding app publishers who are a good fit to work with X-Mode’s data solutions platform.

Struggling to Scrape Together Contact Info

Before using SalesIntel, X-Mode didn’t have a budget for data collection and couldn’t afford the typical high priced solutions.

“Literally, two or three people or salespeople would have to search and find contacts online,” Wilson said.

The process was slow and tedious. The X-Mode team would have to use LinkedIn requests and scraping the internet to try and find what few contacts they could. It was done purely by grunt work, brute force and long hours. X-Mode was finding a small fraction of the leads SalesIntel could provide.

Why SalesIntel Was Easily Worth the Investment

Wilson was introduced to SalesIntel’s CEO, Manoj Ramnani, by X-Mode’s CEO and began their free trial of SalesIntel.

“I talked to the CEO directly and was sold by him and their head of data science,” Wilson said. “The strongest thing that stuck out to me was the phone numbers. Other services we were considering just didn’t have direct dial phone numbers.”

Other services also didn’t have the contacts X-Mode was actually looking for.

“Everybody has pretty common information [in the data space]. App publishers are a pretty niche market, so it’s hard to find specific data.”

But, SalesIntel was able to work directly with X-Mode to find the data they needed. Instead of having to do follow-up research as they would with competitor data sources, X-Mode could get right to having sales conversations.

X-Mode’s Immediate Results with SalesIntel

After being able to talk with SalesIntel CEO Manoj Ramnani and the data science team, Wilson was impressed by SalesIntel’s customer service.

“It’s a ridiculously good customer experience working with a company and being known on a first name basis and being able to talk to the CEO. That’s the benefit of working with a smaller company. We would share a data task that would historically take us two-three weeks and it would be done by the end of the week.”

All of the contact data X-Mode received fit their specific niche and had contact data on the ideal company positions for outreach.

Thanks to no longer having to do independent research, sales reps now have 25-40% more time to focus on selling, and Wilson expects to see big revenue results in Q1 of 2019.

“The platform is really easy to use. I wish we had SalesIntel earlier,” Wilson said. Because of the high-quality data, amazing customer service, and improved sales productivity, X-Mode expects to see a high return from SalesIntel this year.

SalesIntel.io and Kwanzoo recently presented on how to turn your account engagement into Account Based Marketing sales.

Below you can view the webinar recording and slide deck used.

In this recap webinar you will learn:

  • How prospecting and up-selling into large enterprises has changed with the rise of digital, and account-based (ABM) advertising & retargeting
  • How the B2B buying process has changed in the past year
  • Why you need to source data and engage all the people in your buying groups
  • Why it’s time to think beyond leads and form fills and focus on engagement insights
  • Which accounts and buyers that sales needs to prioritize for outreach every day
  • How to arm your SDRs and Sales teams with key insights and data,
  • How to streamline the whole process with the right ABM data and tools to drive more deals

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SalesIntel is proud to always offer you the best, human verified contact data. However, we have a massive database of machine processed contacts that we’re working through with our research on demand service.

You can now search our machine processed contacts and select contacts for research prioritization.

When looking at or searching for contacts, you will have the option of only viewing human verified or contacts that are still pending human verification. Pending contacts have all been reviewed by our intelligent, machine processing.

When using the SalesIntel web portal, you can see the names of contacts pending verification and request to prioritize your preferred contacts. If you are using our Research on Demand service, you can also select from our machine processed data for our team to verify for you.

If you are using the Chrome extension, you can switch to viewing pending verification contacts to choose contacts to request verification or reveal.

Here you are only viewing human verified contacts:

If you click the button next to Pending Verification, you’ll switch to contacts that have only been machine processed:

You can install our free Chrome extension from the Chrome store.

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve updated the SalesIntel Chrome Extension to provide unlimited, free lookups of contacts!

Everyone can now easily access the full SalesIntel database to find their desired contacts for free while on a company site or while on LinkedIn.

Use cases:

  1. Access verified email addresses and direct dial numbers from your prospect accounts as you travel across the web including sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  2. Visit a company’s website and search all the contacts SalesIntel as available by role, department or more.


You want to talk to the head of IT at Netflix. You visit Netflix, click on SalesIntel.io’s chrome icon, and we’ll show you want SalesIntel.io has for Netflix. You then narrow the contact search from the Chrome extension to IT and Director and the email and direct dial come up for the head of IT. You can then reach out without having to login into SalesIntel.io.

Company Website Search

When you go to a company’s website, we’ll show you how many contacts we have at that domain. For an example company, SalesIntel could have over 100 human verified contacts for you.

Just click the SalesIntel icon to open the window and you’ll see the results! You can even refine your search. Search for someone directly, or by job level and department. Once you’ve entered in your filters hit “apply” and then SalesIntel will show you the data.

Once you’ve found the people you’re looking for, you can reveal their contact information!

Linkedin Profile

The second way you can use the SalesIntel Chrome extension is by searching for prospects on Linkedin. Go to the person’s profile, open the chrome extension and, if they’re in our database, we will show you the contact and give you the ability to reveal their information here as well.

Now you don’t have to rely on Premium memberships or Linkedin In-mails to reach that person for you. You’ll have the contact’s email and phone number to reach out to them directly.