SalesIntel Updates: 3.7 Million Human-Verified Contacts, Explore Competitor Intel & Export Uploaded Contact Lists

New things are happening in the SalesIntel platform and we are so excited to share them with you! 

We now have 3.7 Million human-verified contacts in our database! We couldn’t have done this without our proven data verification process and our world-class research team. Make sure you check your saved searches for new contacts or upload your lists to clean and append your data. 

We have also updated existing features, Upload a Contact List and SalesIntel Company pages, to bring you even more functionality. Now when you Upload a Contact List to clean and append your data, you can easily export the human-verified contacts to your desired platform with the click of a button. Integrations include Salesforce, Hubspot, SalesLoft and Outreach.

*Disclaimer, the respective platform upload volume restrictions still apply. 

Search SalesIntel Company Pages

We’ve also expanded the Buying Intel visible on the SalesIntel Company pages to include Competitor Intel. So when you use our filters to find a company who fits your Ideal Customer Profile you’ll now be able to see other companies who could be excellent candidates for your product/service. We’ll also show you the number of human-verified contacts we have and the number of contacts pending verification for each competitor.